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Plastic Sheet Production Line

  • PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line
PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line

PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line

  • Ease:PVC,PE, PP, PS
  • Packing:As required
  • Payment:T/T L/C
  • customized:Yes
  • Product description: Features of PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet: high strength, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, can be filled, enhanced, toughened, stiffened and modified, flame retardant, the surface can be embossed

PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line

Features of PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet: high strength, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, can be filled, enhanced, toughened, stiffened and modified, flame retardant, the surface can be embossed, polished. It is applicable to various industries like product packaging, food packaging, stationery, printing, gift and craft production. Main products: gift bags, advertising fan, document bags, lampshade, mouse pad, food packaging box etc.. Processing range: width 0.2-2mm, thickness 600-1800mm.

HIPS sheet produced by HIPS sheet extrusion line is high impact polystyrene (HIPS) sheet series products, HIPS sheet is environmental protection grade sheet, goods with its packaging can be export to the country with strict environmental protection requirements, which is a new generation of packaging products which currently developed rapidly. HIPS sheet has good physical properties, high strength, wide using temperature range (about 20 degree to 100 degree),low weight ratio (1.06Kg/L, the length of HIPS sheet is 34% longer than PVC with same specifications and weight), blister processing performance is good, can adapt to vacuum forming with large tensile and complex, and forming heating time is short, high efficiency, power saving (can save more than 30% than PVC), it is popular with blister manufacturers.

PET is divided into APET, PETG, CPET, single and multi-layer co-extruded sheet production line, which is one of the most advanced, mature technology and stable sheet production line current domestic market, PET sheet production line can also be used to produce PS, PP, PE sheet products. Product use: excellent processing, transparency, insulation and non-toxic and tasteless and no pollution, easy recovery features; vacuum forming: food packaging, toy box, pencil box, gift box, hand tools and hardware packaging; insulation application: electronic components packaging; general purpose: folding, clothing collar, decoration materials the file, folder, cover, credit card; special purpose: medical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial anti-corrosion protection, microwave bakeware (CPET)

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Service for PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line

Pre-Pre-sale: customers can consult to our company for various technique and business, our company will provide related information to facilitate reference, and provides the corresponding marketing information, sales price, sales method, to help customers know the entire market.

In-sIn Insale: after the two sides signed the contract, our company will provide corresponding design of water, electricity, air, ground installation diagram, according to customer requirements and the actual situation. After the production completed, we should inform customer in advance in order to inspect machine testing, and provide various convenience like airport pick-up, catering, hotel booking etc.

PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line After-sales: after equipment completed in our company and debugging qualified, equipment arrived customer’s factory, our technician should arrive customer’s factory in time at customer’s requirements to do installation, commissioning, personnel training, technology transfer, until the user can operate independently, and produce qualified products.

Formulation and technical support: all production equipment of our company are free of charge to provide the production formula and debug the equipment according to the formula. Any problem in the production process can call us for consultation.

PP, PE, HIPS, PET sheet extrusion line Maintenance and warranty for equipment: all equipment of our company are provided with corresponding accessories, the warranty period of our equipment is one year, operation manual and maintenance manual are offered.


Main technical parameter

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Raw material




Product width (mm)




Product thickness (mm)




Motor power (kw)




Max. extrusion capacity(kg/h)




Line speed (m/min.)




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